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My name is Eljakim van de Sande and I live in the northern part of the Netherlands. As a nine year old I started playing the guitar. And in my high-school years I played in different bands as lead-singer and guitarist. Since 2016 I started to compose, write and release own music under the name of Celsus. Besides creating my own music I also compose for other musicians and projects. In 2018 I released my first studio-album "SWAY". This was and still is really inspiring and gave more energy to create more. I feel the urge to share my musical talent with the world. I believe music is made to share, enjoy together and is a sort of "oil in the machine" of human existence. So if you can create music, do share this with the world. No matter what kind of music you make, no matter your taste, no matter the stage it gets, share!

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